Erica Quintana GIS Midterm


With my project I wanted to focus on the geographic spread of unsheltered homeless numbers in LA County and the geographic distribution of Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) locations. A Permanent Supportive Housing unit is a rental unit where the rent is subsidized for the tenant based on need, mental illness, and/or veteran status. The unit also comes with mental health supports like case management and visits by social workers to help the individual cope with the oftentimes debilitating afflictions they suffer from.

The hypothesis for this project was that PSH locations are densely located in the Los Angeles City limits. This hypothesis was supported. An interesting finding that came from this project was that there was a very large mismatch in PSH units for many cities in LA County. Cities like Pomona and El Monte have rather high levels of unsheltered homeless individuals and yet PSH units are grossly under-provided in these cities.

With this finding in mind I would like to do further analysis of the cities with under-provision of PSH units and determine which cities are best to target in terms of helping them advocate for more housing resources and helping them realize the problem of homelessness in their city.

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