How to use data from SimplyMap in ArcMap

The following steps demonstrates the way to select data from SimplyMap by census tract, and to use it in ArcMap

  1. Go to SimplyMaps website and login.  Make sure you are on a UCLA computer, or using the VPN if outside of campus.
  2. Click on “New tabular report”, and select “Location Analysis Report”
  3. Click on “Locations” on the left panel, and select “Counties”, “California” and “Los Angeles County”, and then click on “Use this location”
  4. Now select “Variables” from the left panel, and choose any variables of your choosing.  For example, click on “Business counts”, “Main Categories”.  Then click on “action” next to each variable you want to use, and select “use this/all variable(s)”
  5. Now close the variable window to reveal the table beneath it
  6. Click on the drop down next to “Analyze data by” and choose “census tracts”
  7. Click on “Actions”, “Download Table”, “Excel file”
  8. You can now import the excel file in ArcMap and join it to a census tract shapefile using the “tracts_fips” column.

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