Week 1

Things to go over…

  1. Overview of the course
  2. Meet your TA
  3. Grading
  4. Mid-terms and Finals
  5. How to submit your assignments
  6. Help! Support!
    • Use Google… or Bing… or Yahoo…
    • Search the ESRI support
    • Ask your classmates
    • Help your classmates
    • Use the class forum – tip: attach a screenshot image
    • Do NOT email Yoh or Zhongbo!!
    • LMGTFY

Lecture—GIS Basics


Tutorial Assignments (Post by the end of week 2)

Tutorial Assignments are Due by the end of the day Tuesday October 2nd.
** If you are working in the Lab or at home please download the Tutorial Data from the P: drive or the CD that comes with your GIS book (click “Save File” and unzip the file) and put it on your H: Drive (in the lab) or your personal hard drive.
  • Chapter 3 – Exploring ArcMap: post screen-print of exercise 3c, step 15 (p. 50)
  • Chapter 4 – Exploring ArcCatalog: post screen-print of exercise 4c, step 20 (p. 86)
  • Chapter 5 – Symbolizing features and rasters: post screen-print of exercise 5d, step 18 (p.130)
  • Chapter 6 – Classifying features and rasters: post screen-print of exercise 6d, step 24 (p. 173)

Please pay close attention to this assignment. It shows the 9 ways to display information.

  • Chapter 7 – Labeling features: post screen-print of exercise 7c, step 12 (p. 200)

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