Week 4

Things to go over…

Let’s get inspired…

Example of past midterm projects:


Data Source

GIS and Adobe Illustrator help guide

In-Class Lab Assignment [TBS_LABEL class=”important”]Due Tuesday, October 23[/TBS_LABEL]

Tutorial Assignments [TBS_LABEL class=”important”]Due Tuesday, October 23[/TBS_LABEL]

  • Chapter 15 – Creating Features: post screen-print of exercise 15b, step 27 (p. 413)
  • Chapter 16 – Editing features and attributes: post screen-print of attribute table on exercise 16b, step 19 (p. 434)
  • Chapter 17 – Geocoding addresses: post exported JPG from layout of exercise 17b, step 19 (p. 463) and 17c step 15 (p. 471)
  • Chapter 19 – Making maps for presentation: post exported JPG from layout of exercise 19d, step 19 (p. 530)

Submit Midterm/Final Proposal by Tuesday, October 23

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